Vance Brand Civic Auditorium
600 E. Mountain View Avenue
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-652-6310

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Please contact Kristy Foster,

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Skyline High School is proud to house the Vance Brand Civic Auditorium.

This technologically advanced facility is dedicated to the cultural and performing arts. Vance Brand Civic Auditorium is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems for exquisite productions.

Faculty and students share the experience of teaching and performing in a professional atmosphere with superb acoustical features.


In the tradition of the astronaut for which this facility is named, Vance Brand Civic Auditorium is dedicated to providing service and quality now and into the 21st century.

Due to its proximity to over 20 centers of higher education and a population devoted to the cultural arts, Vance Brand Civic Auditorium is viewed as the pinnacle venue for performers and audiences.

Vance Brand Civic Auditorium at Skyline High School — an experience not to be missed.


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